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Good Omegas never disobey their Alpha.
Too bad I’m not one of them.

Everyone I know thinks I’m insane.
That my own imagination pushed me to a life of solitude.
But I know better.
The monster that’s been haunting me is very real and he’s finally captured what he wants…me.
Darien Stone is used to taking what he wants.
As the world’s most influential Alpha, his power and wealth have Omegas groveling at his feet.
But I’m not like other Omegas.
I know exactly who he really is, and want nothing to do with his blood money.
He thinks he can control me, that I’ll bend to his every desire.
But he’ll quickly learn this seemingly perfect Omega won’t go down without a fight.

Captured by the Alpha is a dark standalone novella, complete with a HEA!

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